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5 Tips to bring SUCCESS in 2013

It is tradition this time of year to come up with New Year resolutions. I am not a big fan of this. I prefer to come up with several important tips or strategies that will increase the likelihood of your success for 2013. Use this list below as helpful strategies to bring success in 2013.

1.   HAVE A SENSE OF URGENCY–  Don’t settle for being comfortable. Always maintain the fire in the belly to improve or enhance whatever you are working on.

2.    COMMIT TO LIFE LONG LEARNING– In order to be cutting edge in the job market it is essential to keep up to date with best practice and industry trends.

3.    TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES– Having a balanced life of deity, family, work and friends is a must to be able to perform at high levels. Don’t get so caught up that you look up and life passed you by.

4.   LIVE BY THE “GOLDEN RULE”– Treat others as you want to be treated.

5.   STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE– Doing this will make you a stronger and more balanced as an individual.

I wish everyone an exciting and rewarding 2013 as we embrace whatever life throws at us.