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Views on Leadership

Leadership is an intriguing concept. Some feel leadership is something obtained by a title or a fancy name plate on a door to an executive office. Leadership is none of that nonsense! Leadership is simple to define. To be a leader you need to get others to follow. However, in reality it is not simple at all. A true leader motivates and inspires others to take control of their own destiny. It is not about power or authority. The whole idea that someone is in power is a perception not the reality in life. (Only one true person is in power and that is the man upstairs.) Refer back to my original statement above. It doesn’t matter what title you have on the door or what the organizational chart of your company may illustrate. If you turn around and you don’t see anyone behind you that means you failed. A transformational leader is one that cares about others and provides them the tools to dictate their own future and be held accountable for their own production. Do you know of any leaders like that? Unfortunately, these types of leaders are becoming less and less frequent in organizations. Instead you see many that cling on to Raven and Raven’s model of leadership that focuses on leading by positional power or title. This will never be the leadership style I use. What about you?